Health & Safety Consultancy Services

Practical Safety Ltd offers Health, Safety, Environmental and Training Consultancy services which assist organisations to operate safely and to meet their legislative requirements in a cost effective manner.

We pride ourselves on giving sensible and workable safety advice which is aimed at complementing our clients’ workplace operations rather than hindering them. We apply a common sense and proportionate approach to ensure our clients are legally compliant, operating safely, yet remaining productive. Please click on one of our services below to find out more:

Section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires that any employer who has five or more employees must produce a written safety policy. The policy must be signed by a senior executive and dated. As it is intended to be a living document, it must be reviewed on a regular basis, and revised to account for any changes in the law or in working procedures.

Even where a policy statement is not required by law, smaller organisations are increasingly being required by clients or prospective clients to produce a statement of intent for health and safety, as they require all partners in their business to demonstrate that they operate safely.

Practical Safety Ltd has extensive experience in writing bespoke policies for a range of clients in different sectors. As with all of our provided documentation, it is fully editable by our clients.

Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for all businesses. Regulation 3 of ‘The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999’ places a duty on all employers to conduct Risk Assessments and where there are 5 or more employees these must be written down.

We have conducted Risk Assessments across a large range of sectors on behalf of our clients. Our assessments may take the form of a general risk review, or may involve a more detailed analysis of a specific hazard such as Manual Handling, CoSHH, Work Equipment or First Aid.

We also provide a Risk Assessment Review service which ensures that your Risk Assessments are always up to date and current.

Practical Safety Ltd can provide bespoke risk assessment documentation for our clients or if required, we can adopt a clients’ current format. All of the documentation we provide is fully editable and customisable by our clients.

Safe Methods of Work or are known by a variety of different names, for example Safe Systems of Work (SSOW), Working Procedures (WPs), Safe Working Procedures (SWP’s) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Method Statements etc.

They are all variations of the same concept which is for employers to accurately document how the work of the company should be undertaken in a safe manner by its employees.

Employers are required by law to implement SSOW. These are developed by a process of firstly recognising the significant hazards which are applicable to your workplace, then subjecting each hazard to a risk assessment process. The result of the risk assessment process is the detail used to develop a safe system of work.

When Safe Systems of work are developed they should be rigorously implemented. They are the standard used to determine fault should an incident occur. Clearly from this perspective it is important to get the balance right between insufficient relevant detail in the SSOW, which expose employees to unsafe working practices, and too much unnecessary detail which would hinder efficient working and ultimately production. Practical Safety Ltd has the training and experience to ensure the balance is right.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999‘ require an employers to appoint a competent person to help them implement the measures they need to take to comply with their legal requirements.

Our Competent Person Service package means businesses can keep their costs down by not employing a full-time member of staff to deal solely with Health and Safety issues but have that reassurance of being able to request all of the professional help and advice they need as well as meeting their legal requirements as an employer, ultimately ensuring that the workplace is a safe and productive environment for all employees.

Competent Person Service package can be tailored to suit your needs. Our basic annual contract includes:

  • A specific Health and Safety Policy ( 5 or more employees a legal requirement).
  • An Audit of current working activities and a documented report.
  • A Health and Safety Procedures Manual.
  • On-going support and advice.
  • Telephone advice line.

Are you a new business start-up and need help with health and safety? Not ready for a retained service, but need some very basic help? Then please consider our Business Startup Packages.

This business start-up package is suitable for small, newly formed companies. The service is telephone and email based. The following is provided

  • a basic health and safety policy,
  • generic risk assessments for the main activities of the Company and
  • a set of commonly used health and safety forms.

These documents are fully editable by the client so that they can then tailor these documents to reflect their business needs.

Whilst this package is provided primarily through telephone and email discussions, optional on-site consultancy days can be provided (for a nominal fee) upon request.

The package is aimed at people who are starting a business and need help with safety at the initial phase.  As our client’s needs change and grow with the business Practical Safety Ltd can if required provide further support as our clients’ business grows.

We offer a wide range of Health and Safety related training courses including IOSH Managing Safely and IOSH Working Safely, as well as QCF qualifications in Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Fire Safety and CoSHH.

Please take a look at our training pages to find out more.

We can also assist with ongoing training by providing a comprehensive set of Toolbox Talk sessions for clients to deliver to their workforce. If required, Practical Safety Ltd can also assist in delivering these short training sessions to our clients’ employees.

One of the most difficult situations that an employer can face is a serious accident resulting from their work activities. The more serious the incident is, the more daunting this situation can be.

The basic objective of any investigation is to prevent a recurrence.

Finding the cause of accidents and incidents and acting on their causes will prevent or reduce the possibility of them re-occurring and can have a huge benefit on many aspects of a business such as:

  • Increased moral
  • Reduction in down time
  • Reduction in claims
  • Reduced risk of prosecution

Most importantly it helps to ensure that all of your personnel go home every night safe and sound to their families.

We can assist in undertaking accident investigations and formulating plans to prevent a recurrence.